Dealing with underperformance

How you deal with underperforming raiders will have a huge impact on your team as a whole. The thing is you can easily carry a handful of bad players through your entire heroic progress, you can even completely carry a few players through many mythic bosses. But like a plague, underperformance will spread throughout your team if left unchecked. 

Speaking from experience with my own guild, this entire process can start off very slowly. You’re downing the early bosses in the raid at a reasonable speed, you might have noticed that a few of the same players are always at the bottom of the DPS meter or eat more combat resses than healthstones. But things are fine, you’re still making progress even if it takes you a few extra wipes. Getting deeper into the raid you’ll come across various dps/hps checks, which maybe your top players can carry you through, maybe they can’t. Mechanical failures again, may be forgiving on some fights and may cause a wipe on others. 

Allowing these players to continue with their low numbers and high deaths indefinitely will have a bigger impact than you might think. Your progress is already slower because you are carrying them, that’s a given, but the impact this will have on your ‘good’ players is the real hidden danger. When they are forced to play with underperformers week after week it has a significant impact on their attitude towards the raid. Why should I be putting in 100% tonight when that other dps hasn’t bothered farming Blood of the Enemy, or got their cloak fully upgraded, or picked the right talents for this fight? (Yes, these are all real examples from my own team during Mythic N’Zoth progress…) Add to this people dying to the same ground swirlies they died to 100 wipes ago and you have a recipe for frustration. 

So, the plague starts to spread, people see the lack of effort, the same mistakes and either conciously or subconciously start to slack themselves. This becomes the accepted standard now for your raid team and the once orange parsers and mechanical gods fade away. The solution is a simple one, purge the wicked and cleanse your guild. Ok, maybe they are your friends and you don’t want to go with the slash and burn tactic or your officer team is just too polite to go down this route (cough). Then you have the option to try and help these players improve, you can go over logs with them, point out errors in loadout or their rotation and suggest they start paying attention to the mechanic that kills them every pull. The effort though really must come from the player, make them aware that their performance is not up to standard, but you can’t play for them. At some point you will have to make a choice, are you content just having a bit of fun a few nights a week or do you want to take your progress seriously?

2 thoughts on “Dealing with underperformance

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