AOTC to Cutting Edge transition

So you did it, your guild managed to achieve ahead of the curve and now it’s all smooth sailing until Shadowlands hits, right? Well maybe, but chances are if you just scraped your first AOTC kill or your aspiring to make the jump to mythic then your guild might not be ready or prepared for what it means to reach or keep up this level of progress.

Talking from personal experience, after a break during Legion I joined a casual Heroic guild with some old friends as a way of easing back into the game. This level of gameplay is great, as long as you all know that ‘rotations’ are a thing and you’ve vaguely heard of a healing cooldown you’ll have no problem clearing this content with enough headbashing. It’s the perfect level to wind down after work, have a beer and shoot some memes over discord. Then you get Ahead of the Curve, so now what?

Cutting edge baby!

How you actually transition your team from heroic and chill, to cutting edge hero’s is no easy feat however. The number one thing to establish, does your team want to be Mythic raiders? There’s a lot more to it than changing the raid difficulty on Wednesday night and charging in. It requires a real mindset alteration or you will simply not succeed. The first thing to do is set a goal, if this is your first foray into Mythic, make it reasonable. You probably won’t get cutting edge straight away, maybe not even close. But decide as a raid team what the goal for this or the next tier is, once you’ve agreed that as a team you can move onto how you’re going to achieve it.

Time commitment is a big factor in higher end raiding. My guild only raids two nights a week, so I don’t mean you have to sink your life into the game. But you and your raiders need to be able to commit to turning up week after week. Mythic N’Zoth is the best example I can give here, this is a long, long punishing fight. Not many mechanics are overly difficult on their own, but one mistake can cost you the whole pull and pulls can last over ten minutes each.. So having the same team slowly progressing this fight was so important, you can’t afford to have new people learning the fight each week or you will get nowhere. So set your roster and make sure they can turn up!

Mythic raiders don’t all play like Limit or Echo, have ten geared alts each and play 12 hours a day. But, you will need to change how you play and more importantly how you prepare for raid nights. I’ve always loved the aspect of min-maxing, pushing my character to its limits and achieving orange parses. Even if this is wasn’t you before, it should be now, you need to do everything you possibly can do outside the raid in order to succeed inside the raid.

In the current 8.3 patch this would have meant getting rank 3’s of your best in slot essences, farming the right corruptions, azerite gear, cloak upgrades, the list goes on! While this might seem daunting at first, once you start researching your character and diving into your class discord it will all come together and start to make sense. It comes back to the change in mindset, once you and your raiders truly want to achieve mythic kills or even cutting edge they will start to do all of this naturally.

Okay so you’ve got your gear ready, you’ve read your class discord, checked the top logs – know what talents to run and you’ve got all the consumables money can buy, you’re ready! Almost. This might seem obvious but you need to know your rotation inside out, in mythic raiding there is generally so much more to concern yourself with that you shouldn’t be sparing any brain power on that perfect combust set up. So hit that training dummy and make sure your muscle memory is on point.

Lastly, mechanics, mechanics, mechanics. A dead dps, does no dps. On heroic you really can outgear and end up ignoring a lot of mechanics that will straight up oneshot you in Mythic. Add to that a bunch of extra new mechanics and you’re in for trouble. So do take the time to watch videos, read guides and be prepared. You can search on Youtube for pov’s of people playing your class or role, this is a fantastic way to see how other people have dealt with things.

To summarise, set a goal, change your mindset and do your research. Be prepared for wipes, there will be a lot of them. But with enough practise and perseverance you too can achieve that sweet sweet pointless Feat of Strength too.

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